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Nimbus Lightning Protection 15
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06 Jan 2021
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Specification of Nimbus Lightning Protection 15

Nimbus Lightning Protection 15

Electronic ESE lightning air terminal (rod, conductor, arrester) that provides 15 µs
Early Streamer Emission time according to the NFC 17 102 :2011 product standard.
The capture device is mounted on a mast to protect structures and people from direct
external lightning impact.
The electronic Early Streamer Emission technology captures and stores energy by
making use of the electrical field created by the atmospheric gradient. No external power
supplies are required for the device to operate. High frequency pulses are emitted to
provide a low-impedance ionized path for discharge onto the lightning rod and then to earth.
Technical data:
Electronic ESE (Early Streamer Emission) lightning air terminal
Tested and certified to NF C 17-102:2011 by accredited independent laboratory
Early streamer emission time: 15 µs
Radius of protection (h=5 m, Level IV of protection): 51 m
Maximum withstand lightning discharge current, Iimp (10/350 µs): 200 kA
Material: stainless steel grade 316
Enclosure rate: IP 67
Weight: 2.875 g
Height: 378,5 mm
Bureau Veritas product certificate
On-site testable E.S.E. electronic circuit
Type: Nimbus 15

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Selling Complete Lightning Protection

Selling Lightning Protection - Lightning often appears together with the rain sometimes the nipple can also appear even without rain. Lightning is usually seen with flashes of blinding light accompanied by a frightening sound that makes you afraid and makes you want to close your ears. Lightning is a natural occurrence of a process of electron transfer of positive charges and also negative charges. This lightning also has a high speed level and is also able to damage objects that pass through it whether inanimate objects such as trees, wood, poles, houses or living objects such as animals and humans. Therefore this lightning is very important to know how to overcome and overcome it.

With the existence of this increasingly advanced technology has emerged found lightning rods or anti-lightning devices, this system of lightning rods is a system specifically designed to flow lightning and directs it to the surface of the earth without damaging objects around it. In this system usually has 3 important circuits used including: 1. Petior rod, 2. conductor wire, 3. Grounding. In the way this system works it serves to stabilize the electric current obtained from lightning and drain it to grounding without damaging the surrounding objects.

This lightning rod also has many types that have been discovered by scientists including the following:
1. Franklin Lightning Protection (conventional),
2. Conductor threaded method,
3. Faraday cage method,
4. Electrostatic air terminals
and many others. As this technology develops, the system on lightning rods is always updated to a system that is safe and cost-effective and can certainly be relied on for your needs.

Who needs to use this Lightning Rod?
everyone can buy and use this lightning rod because everyone can potentially be exposed to lightning especially if you live in a high place such as an office building, multi-storey housing, schools or institutions, hospitals, hotels and manufacturing and other industries.

we have experienced since 2012 selling high-quality lightning rods that can be relied upon and have many customers from various fields of agencies, companies and other industries. So if you are looking for a company that sells lightning rods, we are the right company for you. Please choose and find the lightning rod that you are looking for if you want to go to our place, we are ready to serve it, we also sell a variety of other electrical equipment.


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